About SurFur

Vancouver Island's Only Furry Camping Event

What is Surfur?

Surfur is a 5 day furry fun filled outdoor camp out on beautiful Sproat Lake and a Surfin Safari to Long Beach and Tofino, where the surfs always up! Learn to surf, comb the beach and hike out to the canso bomber, a crashed plane from the early 50′s hidden deep in the forest! Get away from it all and relax at our private group site, with lake access only minutes away, or take part in events and games!

There's something for everyone at Surfur, and everyone is welcome! Run with us this June!

-Tiuk the Wasgo

Where will SurFur be Held?

Surfur is held at Taylor Arm Provincial Park, approximately 20 minutes west of Port Alberni on the Alberni Highway. 

As the location is somewhat remote the only reliable transportation is by car.  As there are many furs going to SurFur if you need a ride you can join our very active Telegram group or leave a shout on our FA Page.



Enjoy a romp on the beach in a skin tight wet suit with Lady Bones to assist you. She has been surfing for 6 years and can teach you the basics before letting you enjoy the waves on your own. Word to the wise it will be best to stay in a group, staying safe is a choice as well as there are dangers to consider with this sport so please be prepared. Respect is a huge part of surfing so please keep out of the way of others out on the waves especially more advanced surfers that were poised in the waves waiting for their waves on their board. This is know as "the line up" an is very important to know as a beginner to make sure you do not get hurt by getting ran into. Please respect the ocean, other surfers and beach combers and your own limitation. As well please google "RIPE TIDE" and learn to see the signs of one. This will ensure you do not get stuck out at sea.

This is a super fun sport, we will not be going into advanced waters so it will be relatively safe but surfing is done at your own risk. It is a great chance to kick this fun activity off the bucket list and who knows it may just change your life forever! Surfers Up Brah!


If you are a beginner (9ft boards) or have experience riding (8ft boards)

  • chest size (measured at the level of the nipples, TEE HEE!)
  • waist size (measured at the level of the belly button)
  • height
  • weight
  • shoe size
  • shoe size
  • want a hood?*
  • want gloves? (S, M, L) *
  • *Recommended for those who get cold easily


SurFur's Mascot

Tiuk the Wasgo

What is a wasgo you ask? It is a legendary sea creature: part wolf, and part orca, that is part of the local native lore of Vancouver Island. There aren't any stories specific to the srea, but you can see petroglyphs depicting the beast in both Nanaimo and Sproat Lake, and we figured one would be perfect as Surfur's mascot!


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