Frequently Asked Questions About SurFur

Vancouver Island's Only Furry Camping Event

Is this an event for all ages?

Starting this year (2018) SurFur will be a 19+ only event. This is due to issues in our previous years and we have unfortunately limit the event to adults only this year

What facilities are offered?

There are outhouses and an outdoor shower at the campsite, and we also provide a dance area, General Illumination, cooking campfire, and refrigerators.

What kind of costs outside of Registration should I expect?

If you're from the mainland ferry rates are:

  • $17.20 per person
  • Motorcycle $26.65
  • Vehicle Length up to 20 feet $57.50
  • extra length rate over 20 feet: $6.50 per foot

Enough Food for 1 week.

For a single newer car, roughly 1 tank of gas for a round trip including once up to Tofino.

Can I bring my RV or Trailer?

Yes! We have plenty of space for vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Are pets allowed?

Yes! Please ensure you keep an eye on your pet and clean up after them. Badly behaved pets are not tolerated.

Will food be provided during the event?

Unfortunately not. Everyone attending SurFur will be required to provide their own food. But there is an affordable grocery store and a Wal-Mart in Port Alberni on the highway to the campsite!

Is there fresh water on site?

You will need to bring your own jug to keep at your tent and we will do daily refills at the Sproat Lake campsite. Water containers can be purchased locally at Port Alberni.

Will there be power on site?

Yes! We have sufficient power for the event and would prefer not to have additional power generation unless it's very quiet or silent!

Cell Reception?

In and out, though you can find certain hot spots. Rogers is the primary service provider.

Do you provide transport to Tofino for surfing and the bomber hike?

No. You must use your own car, or find a driver with a spare seat.

Where is Surfur?

23km West on highway 4, approximately 20 minutes outside of Port Alberni on the Alberni Highway.


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